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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Baldi's Basics in Education - APK MOD v1.3 [MOD MENU v3]

Game: Baldi's Basics in Education  
Version: 1.3
Root needed:  No  
Playstore Link: Link 

Features Mod v3:
Flash [MOD]
Stop Baldi [MOD]

Noclip [MOD]
Playtime ignores you [MOD]

Math Genius [MOD]
Clone Baldi [MOD]
Unlimited BSODA [MOD]

Google Ads

Google Ads

 How to install Mod:  
Step 1: Delete/Uninstall the original game in your device 
 Step 2: download apk mod 
Step 3: install apk mod  
Step 4: open the game & enjoy

Download Link :

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Learn the basics of Baldi's and enjoy them in education and training!

You need to find all the laptops and solve on each of them 3 tasks of different complexity. Can you do it? After all, on the way you are waiting for more and horror characters who live in the school. Perhaps they will be even a little more frightening than a cleaning lady. Learn the basics of Baldi's in the field of education and training in our game, in which you have to run around the rooms. How long can you live, a day, two or more.
Do you think that education and training can be given easily? Then try to solve the problems in laptops, scattered in the offices of the school. You will have a limited amount of time, because you are being chased by Baldi's, and for the wrong tasks you will learn the horror from the teacher.
- Learn the basics of Baldi's and go through all his tests.
- You are waiting for several levels of difficulty for education and training.
- You will experience a real horror.
- Solve problems in the laptop.
- Find a way out of school.

You need to collect all the laptops, solve the problems correctly and run away from school. For every wrong answer, an angry Baldi's can arrange a horror for you and if he finds you, then there will be no turning back. To survive you need to know all the basics of Baldi's.

Baldi's Basics in Education 1.3
Baldi's Basics in Education mod apk
Baldi's Basics in Education 1.3 apk mod
Baldi's Basics in Education MOD

Baldi's Basics in Education MOD MENU
Baldi's Basics in Education modded apk  
Baldi's Basics in Education MOD APK
Baldi's Basics in Education APK MOD
Baldi's Basics in Education MOD
Baldi's Basics in Education no root
Baldi's Basics in Education MOD

Baldi's Basics in Education android
Latest Baldi's Basics in Education Apk mod

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  1. Please add:1st prize,safety scissors,new rule=NO BULLYING in the halls
    Please add(hack):1st prize ignores player,baldi ignores player,principal punish detention,principal ignores player,arts and crafters ignores player,inventory editor,infinite stamina,subtitles and player speed editor,

  2. wow super fun bro I love your mods

  3. Hey nullzerep can you make v4 mod of baldi basic

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  5. Please I need help downloading the game

  6. The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files.

    Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

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